Who We Are

We are a pack of technologists and enthusiasts working towards transitioning customer ideas and concepts into reality. A work environment where we not only develop applications but customer trust and confidence. Since our birth in 2015 we have worked and shared our vision with small, medium and giant leaders of digitisation.

What We Offer

Dedicated Development Team

Hire a dedicated team of software developers, graphic designers, technologist & researchers. Choose your experience range & work timings.

Mobile App Development

Need a mobile business app, let us help you in creating one, that promotes your brand and gather customers for you.

IT Consulting

Eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech and consolidate app portfolios.

Enterprise Software Development

Bespoke product development with clear and effective design process.

QA & Testing

Full life cycle testing, Mobile, Automated and Manual.

Automation & Robotics

Be part of revolution – Make your product future ready | indulge in robotics.

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency | Smart contract | Money Transactions | Retail Industry| Digital Ids |Supply Chain Mgmt | Real estate.

Artificial Intelligence

Introduce AI solutions to automate your operations. Predict performance & behaviour Improve customer services | Chatbot | Robotics.


Transform your e-commerce experience. Bring life to your brands. Improve customer experience with AR & VR.

Internet of Things

End to End IoT solutions | Analyse real time data and create desired business outcomes.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing as a service | Leverage IT to meet the goals of your business.

Natural language Processing

Enable a deeper understanding of unstructured or semi-structured content, providing enhanced BI and analytics.

Healthcare & Lab

Choose our services of AIaaS, IoMTaaS to bring technology in Healthcare. Track, prevent and learn the orders by bringing AI to healthcare.

Banking and Finance

Our constant efforts to change the Banking & Finance industry by giving them a transaction security by Blockchain, AI, instant payment methods & open APIs platforms.


The rise in technology is believed to disrupt the Financial industry too. We are equipped to provide these customer changing needs to ensure its survival in today’s digital economy.

Travel & Hospitality

From Travel Card to Chatbot to IoT enabled thermostat to VR in showing places in hotel industry. Our thirst is to assist our clients adapting tech trends to empower their business.

Logistics & Shipping

Our vision of providing Xaas (everything-as-a-Service) business model in logistics & Supply chain will bring utmost power to these areas with unlocking new business opportunities.


Find your One Stop solution – Be it Lead generation, transcription, tele calling, customer on boarding or Machine learning. Our tech driven team is ready to assist you 24/7.

Client Success

All Case Studies


Combination of technology & services, Punchh enables brands to surprise & delight guests with compelling & seamless customer experiences that doesn’t just capture their loyalty, but increases visit frequency & wallet-share.


Careful Online (Cloud-Based EHR)

Careful is an app designed by clinicians. It helps doctors, nurses & allied health professionals share & protect critical patient information. At its heart, it answers two pressing questions, namely: who is currently looking after the patient & what is their clinical plan?

- It uses our Handover® system to keep track of the former & for the latter it provides a job-tracking system, with a free-text clinical updates.

- It has been designed to be simple, easy to use & mobile-first so it can replace traditional paper-and-memory handover sheets.


BCS Group

BCS Time-Tracker is an iPhone application that is intended for onsite field technician’s use. Time records are consumed in ERP system in the payroll & job cost modules. The application basically functions as a mobile time clock which allows BCS technicians to:

- Clock In to the beginning of the workday & Clock out at the end of the workday.

- Log time against a specific job / project ticket.

- Add notes to a time punch to document work performed.


DP World

WIZO is designed & manufactured to serve a multi-functional purpose in pushing beyond the boundaries & limitation of service robotics. The embedded visual engine allows for real-time object & facial recognition with video content analysis & summarisation.

- WIZO is the most humanoid robot ever made in the world that is equipped with robust lightweight arms, 3-finger grippers & advanced 3D visions engine for complex object manipulation.

Erase All Kitten

Erase All Kitten

Kids are fearless & highly creative as they know no limits to their imaginations. A real revolution in coding can only be brought by these fearless minds!

- Make these fearless & highly creative creatures engage in such games & only wonders would be seen around the World of Coding !

- EAK is one such game that advances these minds & brings them to coding world !

- MedRec Technologies feels supremely proud to have developed EAK and be a proud contributor in the revolutionary World of Coding.

Patient Handover

Patient Handover

Patient Handover, a collaboration tool for clinicians. Allows secure & confidential storage of patient data that can then be shared with colleagues. Features of the app include:

- Working Groups: managing patient information in groups such as specialities, subspecialties & locations.

- Patient Handover: keeping track of which clinicians are responsible for which patient in real- time.

- Outstanding Actions: ensuring that vital pieces of information & required data are highlighted.

Awards & Recognition

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Our Offices

MedRec Technologies have offices in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India. Global presence is our greatest asset, not only because it enables us to serve our clients 24 x 7, but also we get access to a much greater pool of talent which further enrich us with better ideas and new culture.